PREVI Lima design by Aldo van Eyck


Analysis of the PREVI Lima design by Aldo van Eyck

year: 2014
tutor: N. Mota

In 1965 the government of Peru together with the UN started a design competition for incremental housing in Lima. For this competition a group of architects from Peru and a group of well known international architects was selected.
One of these architects was Aldo van Eyck. As the competition brief described, he designed a urban plan for the site. Within the urban plan he designed houses that could grow with the needs of the house owners. The basic house was only one story but had a staircase to the roof terrace. Each house had a courtyard on the front and back to provide daylight and ventilation. This basis could be enlarged with rooms on the ground floor and roof.
Forty years after completion most of the houses van Eyck designed are enlarged in a drastic way. Each house owner could design enlargements and renovations for it’s own house because the planned building commité was never established. Different colours and shapes for windows and walls are build by different contractors.
In this booklet the design of Aldo van Eyck is analysed from the urban plan to the dwelling. To conclude there is a hypothesis of how a block would look like after years of growth an change.